- L. Ron Hubbard,
Legal Basics
Articles of Incorporation are the primary rules for governing the management of a corporation.
Additionally, California's Nonprofit Religious Corporations law, under which RTC was formed and is regulated, sets specific requirements for religious corporations.
Bylaws spell out specific rules for the operation of a corporation, are drafted by the corporate founder or its directors in accordance with its Articles of Incorporation.
For example, all affairs and activities of a California religious corporation must  be exercised by and under the direction of a board of directors. California Corporations Code Section 9210.
These are not mere legal formalities but form the basis for special privileges afforded nonprofit entities, including tax-exempt status, which can be revoked for non-compliance; not to mention the duties and obligations to LRH to fulfill his wishes.  And failure to abide undermines the legal right of RTC to enforce its rights to the trademarks and advanced materials, it's raison d'etre.
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I charge you with this - look to source writings, not to interpretations.  Look to the original work, not offshoots.
LRH Trust Agreement
CST Right To Purchase Trademarks From RTC
CST Right To Buy Advanced Materials From RTC
A trust agreement is a legal document in which one entrusts property to another for the benefit of a third person or entity.  LRH gave his rights in Scientology trademarks and Advanced Materials to RTC subject to the right of CST to purchase them for a nominal sum should RTC fail in its duties.
Scientology: Clear Procedure, Issue One, December 1957;  Tech Volumes, Vol. 4, p. 199
RTC Articles of Incorporation
RTC Bylaws
RTC Articles & Bylaws Memo