“Professionals see situations and they handle what they see.  They are not amateur dabblers.”
- L. Ron Hubbard on Professionalism,
© 1954, 1985 issued as a quote on a wall plaque
We are a group of successful professionals who have been Scientologists for decades, each highly trained in Scientology technology (Ethics, Tech & Admin), OTs, and with substantial contributions to the Church.  As of the date of publication of this website we are in good standing with the Church.
As professionals, we see a situation of enormous magnitude, namely: 
The failure to implement LRH's intentions for the governance of Scientology organizations after his departure, as expressed in estate documents signed by LRH.  The documents, which are set forth herein, clearly reveal LRH's intent that the religion not fall into the control of one person.
After first attempting to handle this internally, we have decided to go public.
We care too much about the aims of Scientology, as set forth by LRH, to remain silent, to be intimidated into inaction.  Besides, "how come our necks are so precious?"
We invite you to look; to become familiar with the website and its content; and to then make your own decisions. 
To Inform the Scientology community about LRH's intentions when he established the corporate and governing structure of Scientology organizations shortly before his departure and during the process of writing up and turning over his hats, and to expose the fact that safeguards put in place by LRH have been unmocked, his intentions betrayed and dishonored.  
To set forth the intentions of LRH for the governance of Scientology organizations and to explain the legal requirements of religious corporations and tax-exempt organizations, how the current system violates the law and puts at risk the Church and its valued tax-exempt status as well as undermines LRH’s intention to propagate and expand the "religion" of Scientology, which is not necessarily the same as the current "churches" of Scientology, and to provide a solution.
Almost completely foreign to Scientologists are the following key safeguards instituted by LRH:
The distinction between the "religion" of Scientology and the "churches" of Scientology.  LRH clearly expressed his intention that the churches only be supported so long as they continue "to espouse, propagate and practice the religion of Scientology."  
The Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) can take from Religious Technology Center (RTC) its rights in the trademarks and Advanced Materials of Scientology, and since RTC sub-licenses the churches of Scientology, the churches can be stripped of their rights as well, and the licenses given to another organization dedicated to the aims of the "religion" of Scientology.
Thus, in this sense, CST is a senior organization, but Scientologists have been indoctrinated into believing that RTC is the highest echelon, and moreover, that one person, i.e., Chairman of the Board (COB) of RTC, is the singular ruler, the so-called "pope of Scientology."  
LRH, however, intended otherwise.  Church of Scientology International (CSI) is the "mother church," "responsible for the overall propagation of the religion of Scientology throughout the World and for the enforcement of the ecclesiastical tenets of the religion as set forth in the Scriptures."  It has the responsibility of Keeping Scientology Working. 
LRH intended that ED Int of CSI can bring a justice action against any Scientologist, including COB or any board member of RTC and disqualify that person by revoking his or her status of good standing in CSI, not the other way around as is commonly believed -- and practiced. 
The ultimate safeguard created by LRH was the power to check abuses of both RTC and CSI.  He gave CST a board of trustees, whose members he approved and appointed for life, the sole power to elect and remove general directors.  CST can, "in its sole discretion and judgment," take from RTC all its rights and powers.  COB has usurped CST's powers by appointing and removing board members at will, thus, eliminating any corporate oversight of RTC and himself.